baby pink
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2003-05-20 12:02:49 (UTC)

feck long time eh?

well hello stranger ..... i dunno y i aint wrote in here
gues si kinda forgot hey howd i forget bout u ...? thanx
god for the reminder or i would have totaly forgotten...

well ne wayz what bn happenin wellll erm im still with
brian awwwwwww a long time eh? not bn cin him recently due
to exams n stuff but it makes me wanna c him more .... ill
c him on fri were gona to c matrix 2 yeahhh keanu ;) weet
weeeel lol n pot got a house omg its sooooooooo nice...

well i done west side story its all done n dusted it was
really good glad its over though i ve been shatter doin all
the dancin n singin it was a good show though ...
Another thin colin is closin his class for ma age group
quite sad bout that ive bn there 5 yrs :( so this is ma
last show n it gona b the best yet ill make sure of it

Aud next thurs im shittin it ......

xXx BaBy PiNk xXx