A day in the life....
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2003-05-20 04:24:50 (UTC)


Well everyone..i am Back! I'm glad to be back home, it's
nice to have my own bed and not be watching a lot of
television all week long, breaking up the monotony with
baking and exercise when there's a grand scenery before you
that's just screaming out "Hike me! Raft me! Canoe me!" and
you have no way of doing any of it because your family is a
bunch of lazy people that don't like to do outdoors stuff.
Mind you my dad's not that way, but mom and sis are. They
dictated what we did, which was not much of anything. We
did go to the KC Royal's game Friday night when we left and
did go to the Four Corners, but past that...nothing. The
most activity i think we did as a family was walk around
Pagosa Springs and watch XMen 2.
I talked to Brian almost every night...i miss him much. But
the good news is that i will see him this weekend! *smiles*
VERY happy about that...i haven't seen him since Easter...i
don't even remember Easter that was finals week
after that so my brain was fried. I just can't wait to see
him again. On the way home i kept trying to convince my
family to go north to Chicago..didn't work. oh well.
Now that i'm home i spent the day shopping and hanging out
with my friend Dani as well as working on a couple of
projects...which shall remain secret until after Brian's
Birthday (June 1st) since i know he reads this (*waves* Hi
Still have not yet seen Matrix Reloaded. I plan to soon,
maybe tomorrow. Going to go to bed for now so i can wake up
and do my friend Nick a favor in the morning. God bless
y'all and see you around!