Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2003-05-20 03:56:04 (UTC)

you loved me yesterday

"This liquids helping but I'm hoping for a better way
so I can open up your head and figure out which day
something crossed, with a spark you for got my name
this mornings gorey with no story on what made you change

sick of hearing sirens steering you to what seems right
while I feel left, all alone to drive around all night
maybe a call, with a line so contrived you'll scream
devise a plan, blast your name, just to cause a scene


Well, Since you've tasted today
you've got to know it's
it's hard to swallow yesterday
so, choke it down you say
you loved me yesterday
you loved me yesterday

if this is better than forever then I'll stay in line
so I can spit out all the kisses that I thought were mine
so I was wrong, just move on, and when you trip and fall
just think of me, we'll both agree you went and lost it all"
you loved me yesterdaypacifico