Wanna Hear About my Day?
2003-05-20 02:41:28 (UTC)

Long Ass Survey

The Basics

Full Name: Katie Marie B
Nickname: Kate,Katester,Krazy Katie
Birthday: January 1
Height: 5'8"
Weight (optional): eww
Eye Color: hazel
Natural Hair Color: brown
Actual Hair Color: same
School: Mercy High School
Grade: 9
Nationality: im so much ill just call myself american
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Shoe size: 9
Pets: Kitty
Status: got a friend with benefits deal going on
Location: Baltimore
Transportation: daddy
Lefty/righty: lefty
Scars: one on my chest and one on my knee
Birth marks: nope
Glasses: contacts usually but sometimes
Braces: never

Girls fill this out about the guys

First thing you look at: lips
Best Quality: humor
Boxers or Briefs: Boxers
Older or Younger: Older just has to be
Hair long or short: in between i like playing with hair
Rugged or Pretty Boy: Rugged but clean.
Tall or Short:my height
Dark or Light Hair: only dark hair
Piercings: a few are nice
Facial Hair: not a mushache
Good or BadBoy: Bad boy look but good boy personality
Abs or Butt or Arms: arms

And or?

Coke or Pepsi: pepsi
Mars bar or Milky Way: Milky Way
Tootsie roll pop or Blow pop: Blow Pop
Rainy or Shiny Day: Shiny
Icecream or layer cake: cake fight!!!
Movie Theater or Rent: movie thetre i gotta get outta my
house sometimes
Wake up early or Go to bed late: bed late
Red or Green apples: yellow
Devils or Rangers: who are they?
BSB or NSYNC: just no
Pants or Shorts: shorts
Short or Long skirt: long
Bath or Shower: Shower
Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla
Black and White or Color: Color
Hot or Cold: Hot
Winter or summer: Summer
Sing or Dance: dance
Ocean or pool: pool by ocean
Pool or Hot Tub: Hot Tub
Sunrise or Sunset: Sunset
Dressed or Undressed: who am i with?
Go out or Stay in: depends
Ski or Board: ski
Regular wrestle or w/ Mud: MUD
Love or Lust: love
Hard or Soft: hard
Cats or Dogs: cats
High or Low: High
Read or Write: Read
Kiss or Hug: kisss
Night or Day: Night
Roller Coaster fun or scary: fun
One or Two Pillows: 2
Male or Female: female
Dog or Cat: cat
Rich and Unhappy or Poor and Happy: Rich and Happy
Finger or Toe: finger
CD or Tape: CD
Pen or Pencil: Pens
Money or fame: Money
Mustang or limo: mustang
Winter or Summer: summer
Snow or ice: ice
Billy Madison, Waterboy, or Little Niki: lil niki
7up or Sprite: Sprite
Blue toilet paper or white: white
Looks or personality: looks
Will Smith or Kobe Bryant: ewww
Have you ever (feel free to share stories)....

Been in love: no
Gotten arrested: no
Cried in a movie: yep
Wanted to hook up with a friend: yeah many times
Taken Drugs: nope
Skipped School: i wanna but no one will ever go with me
Went to a Concert: yup
Peed your bed: back in the day
Been on the beach at night: sadly no
Ran around outside naked: no
Done something and not remembered it the next day: everyday
Stayed at home for no reason: too many times
Watched porn: yup
Gone skinny dipping: yup
Told a secret you swore you wouldn't tell: maybe once
Stolen something: everyday
Met someone famous: i dunno
Been on the radio or television: prob the news
Intentionally hurt another person: yup
Ate paste: paste lol
Stepped on a nail: yeah that bitch hurt
Walked barefoot in the snow: yup
Had a pen explode in your mouth: no but today one did on my
Made up a word without realizing it: this is me
Had sex: nope
Drank: yup
Been drunk: no
Smoked: yes
Been High: no
Broken a bone: no
Had a girlfriend/boyfriend: no
Cheated on a b/f or g/f?: no since ihavne t had one
Shoplifted: no
Pissed behind a bush: yup
Been stoned: no
Been stood up: no
Done something so outrageously stupid: its me!!!
Purposely gotten in trouble but you didn't care because it
was worth it: hmmmm
Stayed online for more than 3 hours: I never sign off
Kissed anyone: uhh yeah
Kissed more than one person at the same time: no
Kissed someone of the same sex: no
Kissed a random person for fun: no
Egged a house/ mailbox.. or person?: ive been with peopel
whe nthey did
Been so lazy that you watched infomercials on TV because you
couldn't reach the remote: all during the summmer
Prank called someone: who hasn't

Do you ever

Watch the Home Shopping Network: yup
Stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself for a
prolonged period of time: all the time
Listen to the Backstreet Boys: i have
Dream: alot
Start fights: no
Wish you were someone else: used to
Feel like you're lost: all the time
Feel worthless: No
Complain: i try not ot but i kno i do sorry

Do you like

Bugs: fuck bugs
Surprises: no
Company: as long as they leave me alone in the mornin
Family: some of it
Kids: if they aren’t devil children
New things: I need them

When was the last time you...

Cried: i dunno
Wore a skirt: everyday i go to mercy
Been sarcastic: i dunno
Met someone new: coule weeks ago
Fought w/ your parents: awhile
Wished upon a star: long ago
Laughed until you cried: that happens every time i laff
Made a fool of yourself: today

Random Questions

Were you named after anyone: no i was a "surprise" or shall
we say acidnet
Do you wish on stars: no
Which finger is your favorite: pinky
If you were making a movie about yourself, would you play
you: yep
Do you like your handwriting: yeha even though its a mess
Who are you jealous of: rich people
What is the 1st priority in your life: my dad
What is your main goal in life: to be happy
What is your favorite lunchmeat: i ilke pb and j
Any bad habits: many
What store would you never be caught dead in: the learnig
If you were another person, would you be friends with you:
good question probaly not
Are you a daredevil: not really
Do you follow or lead: just flow
Do you pray: yeah even though idont belive i do
What do you do to vent anger: talk
Are you passive or aggressive: very very passive
Who is your idol: my dad
Who is your second family: prob jess'
Do you trust others easily: no
What was your favorite toy as a child: i dunno my bike?
What class in school do you think was totally useless: most
of them
Do you have a journal: Yeah
Do you like sarcasm: only if i do it
What is your name spelled backwards: Eitak
If you could steal anyone's name, whose would it be: umm i
What do your favorite pair of socks look like: all my socks
are plane
Do you wash your face: yes
Are you fond of ducks: not real ones
Do spoons make you smile: used too
What's the weirdest thing in your wallet/purse: a bottle cap
that flashes
When life gives you lemons, what do you do with them: throw
If you ruled the world, what 3 things would you do: i dunno
spend my money
If you could change any one thing about yourself what would
it be: my annoyingness
Do you have a special someone: no
If so who:
If not, do u have a crush:always
If so, who: who havent i?
Who is the prettiest/hottest person you know: gary
Do you like to eat hot pockets: no
If so, what kind: eww
Do you watch a lot of tv: used to
What is your favorite show: king of the
hill,simpsons,southpark,gilmore girls,jackass

If you were stranded on a desert island:

Who's the one person you would want to be stuck with: the
president cuz they would find a way to rescue me
If you could bring 5 people who would they be:
gary,dad,jess,nicole,ashton kutcher
What 3 CDs would you bring: tenacious d ,ludacris,korn
What 3 things would you bring: a plane,food,shower
Do you believe in deja vu: it creeps me out

Food Questions

Do you like fish sticks: no
If so, do you prefer them crunchy or soggy: just no
Have you ever put something into someone else's food: no,ok
If so, would you care to share the story with us: no
Ever set off a smoke alarm while cooking: yeha and one time
i got out of the shower it wnent off


Primary Color: Red
Emotion: lust
Time of day to eat: after school
Time of day to eat cookies: morning
Shape of sponge: squggly
Book from your childhood: the lorax
Adhesive: gel glu stick
Coloring utensil: markers are fun
Food: potatoes
Drink: sprite
Dessert: i dunno
Animal: white tiger
Holiday: Fourth of July
Sports: Football
Store: pac sun, jc penney,delias
School Subject: world cult
Cereal: golden grams
Book: nething by james patterson
Flower: cala lilies
Vegetable: corn
Seasons: Summer
Day: satuday
Band/Group/Singer: korn
Cartoon Character: strawberry shortcake
Song: colt 45afroman
Place to vacation that you've actually been: california
Number: 8675309
Card game: rummy


Money: green
Prostitution: ho
Gum:mercys desk and chairs
Blue: gum
Porn: star
Frogs: peace
The XFiles: the twilight zone
Girl: interupted
Red: love
Candy: sugar
Weird: al
Santa: satan
Hanson: jo ann
Duck: quack
Cookie: kristin
Rainbows: brite

Yes or No

Do you believe in love at first sight: I believe in lust at
first site
Get married: Yes
Do you want kids: Yes
~how many? ~3
Do you like anyone at the present time: Yes
Do you eat chicken fingers with a fork: no
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: no
Do you type with your fingers on the right keys: no
Do you like sleeping: lovei t
Do u have anything peirced?: ears wanna get tung and belly
Do you pluck your eyebrows: too much

Who of your friends is...

Is the wild and crazy one: I think that is me
Smartest: jess
Friendliest: dunno
Ronchiest: ?
Kinkyest: ?
Has the funniest laugh: jess
Has a dog: most of them
Has a pool: genoa
Snorts: liz?
Snores: dunno


Who are your siblings: ricky,chris,daniel,magen
What are their ages: 19,18,16,18
How old are your parents: mom4? dad50
Do you get along with your rents: my dad
Do you have any favorite cousins? marshall
Who of your family lives the furthest away: everyone in az
Are your parents together or divorced: never were together
Do you have any steps, halfs, whole siblings: all of them
are one of those
In your family who are you closest to: dad or magen
Do you associate with other relatives: not really

More Stuff....

Do you like your belly: until it compare it to sum1
What is your favorite topping on ice cream: nuts
How often do you brush your teeth: every day
If there was one person who is now dead that you could bring
back who would it be: i duno
If you had one wish that would come true what would it be?
that ihad money
Who turns you on: gary,ashton kutcher,jonny depp
What turns you on: boys
What are your screen names: mypinkshoelace,devilishmizfit
What color is your carpet: which one?
What color is your house: gray
Where do you live: b more
Is your room big or small: small i guess
What can't you live without: boys
Who can't you live without: dad
Would you be lost with out your mom: No
Would you be lost with out your dad: completely
Do you sleep with any thing: no
What kind of tooth paste do you use: i dunno
Worst holiday: mother day
Why: bad memories
What is your biggest fear: snakes
Your saying: good girls are only bad girls that dont get
caughthow are you gonna tell me?
Your word: i have many
The word you say to much: fuck
The word(or phrase)you should say: ummm smarter words?
What you are going to do now that you are finally fin