Wanna Hear About my Day?
2003-05-20 00:10:35 (UTC)

Maybe I'll Start Writing Again.

I'll try at least.Well not much really happened today.I have
12 demerits .Great job katie!Yeah well you know shit
happens.i cant wait for school to end.I hate teachers and
ill be able to see my friends alot more.I wanna see lot
more of Gary too.But im gonna miss katie and kate they r
graduating and leaving me at mercy:( ahh shit happens. i
hope i can get a yearbook next year.Well i havent seen my
mom since january.Im really upset becuase i dont love her
and i know that's fucked up but it is really hard to .Magen
told me last week that mom fell down the stairs drunk(as
usual) and broke 8 ribs.i swear she is such a dumbass.What
is it gonna take for her to realize alchol is bad?eww exams
are coming up .i always do so bad on them.Jess if you are
reading this read your email thanx well b

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