lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2003-05-19 23:14:57 (UTC)


don't hate because you can't relate. don't start judging until you
know what's going on. don't label someone you don't even know.
don't laugh because you don't understand. don't let your attitude
be a testament to your ignorance.

don't rank. don't elevate others so you'll get more pity. don't
promote yourself subtly so people will perk up. don't flaunt, don't
bemoan. be what you are and let that speak for itself. anyone who
needs a publicist is empty to begin with.

don't waste your time on the ephemeral things. pretty soon it will
be over and you'll regret spending time trying to buy the bomb
diggity shoes at betsey johnson (what?!)

don't accuse me of this stuff, because i'm sure i do it. i'm working
on it, but they're weaknesses. if i'm not going to your house and
saying, "johnny, please work on this...", don't come to my house
and do likewise, unless you think about it. don't fire back because
you're angry.

mostly, don't take any of this to heart. don't sit and arrange
defenses against each of these. don't assume i'm writing about
you. you wouldn't feel the twinge if it wasn't something you
struggled with.