Obsurd and Undiscussed Relations
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2003-05-19 22:44:46 (UTC)

Cranberry Apple Raspberry

Hey today was weird. I learned a lesson actually, not like
I need it anymore but still, I'm glad I learned something
at school, I learned that when you don't flirt, and don't
dress up and try, you'll have more people liking you. Not a
good lesson to learn now cuz I got a b/f and he's great and
having him is enough. I feel really bad tho cuz Beth wanted
Dustin and he won't go out w/ her cuz he likes me for some
crazy reason. He told me to call him again. (Oh God) I
really hope Dustin don't do anything 2marra to Jake or
Mason cuz I hang out w/ them and told him that I like them
better than him. Dustin is really strong and crazy enough
to do something to them, even tho we're all only friends,
but I'm worried he's gonna do something to them. I'll call
them tonite and warn 'em.

I gotta jet tho so I'll finish talking later.