My Little World
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2003-05-19 15:16:35 (UTC)


Hey everyone....Yeah Yesterday was soooo much fun!! Allen
came over and stayed for the whole day!! Here is what
went on at my house yesterday!
He came over about 9:30 while i was still in the shower, so
i got out and when to change.....Got dressed and then we
watch tv until like 11:30. At that time we went out to
lunch at Bonanza which was soooooo incredibly good!! I love
Bonanza! So we came home and then we went to my grams
house! And my cousins matt and Rene and my Aunt Donna were
just pulling in! So after i went home to change into
shorts....We all went down to see the baby colt! and while
we were down there, Grampy asked Allen to Help him catch
Hattie and the baby so they could take them inside and give
the baby some enima (Stuff that helps the baby take a crap)
So after we got them inside, we went up to the house and
visited with my gram and my great-aunt Vannie! they are
soo funny when you get them together! So Rene and i got to
thinking, what would be more fun than to have a trampoline!
So we talked to gram about it and she finally gave in, so
we took Allen's truck and we went out and got the
Trampoline and some ice cream! Then we brought it back and
put it together (which was totally easy) So once we got it
together, we all started to jump! (And we like jumped all
afternoon!) So when we decided to take a break, we went
inside and ate some ice cream and got some water, then we
went back outside to jump... Then Pastor came with his
kids to see the colt...So while they were down there, they
saw a house out, so they came back and told us, then Allen
and i went down to try to get it... Well, he got ahold of
her and we had her about half way up the pasture when she
started acting like a brat and started jerking and pulling,
so Allen couldnt do anything but let got, so he let go of
her and she ran up to be with her other friend, so we got
up there, finally got ahold of her, and put her in the
barn, well, he and grampy tried to get ahold of the other
one to put him in too, but grampy almost got kicked 3 times
and Allen almost got kicked 2 times!! i was like freaking
out!! But it was all good!! So after a little while, we
went back to my house and got some Aloe Vera and went
downstairs (BLIZZARD) to watch (BLIZZARDS) a movie (MORE
BLIZZARDS) and he rubbed the Aloe on my back and OH MY GOSH
DID IT FEEL GOOD!! but it was funny cus mine was blue with
sparkles in it so his hands and his shirt were all
sparkly!! it was really funny.....Then he went home, but
before he did, he told me he loved me and couldnt wait to
be with me again!! I MISS HIM SOO MUCH!! i cant wait til
friday cus He is picking me up after school on friday and
taking me down with him to Matagamon to spend Memorial Day
Weekend with him!! i cant wait!!!!! I miss him soo
much!! I love him so incredibly much!!!!! i cant wait til
i am with him forever!! Well, that was my day
yesterday!! I gatta go!! later all!!! I love Allen!

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