Me and More
2003-05-19 13:56:31 (UTC)

Long...but good entry

Blah blah blah.....And that starts this entry off.

Well, I had a pretty good fucking weekend. I got drunk on
Saturday, met this great guy (not getting hopes up about
that), and had fun like I haven't had in a long while.

I did unfourntantly I get depressed because I kept having
flash backs of my ex and shit. I honestly feel really ugly
and horribly disgusting today, as yesterday and the days
before that. I hate it. I'm having arguments with myself
along the lines of..."I'm not good enough for anyone, I'm
so ugly no one will ever love me" and then my other half is
saying "shut up, you're full of bullshit." Which side do
you think I listened to?

The guy I got to know over the weekend, is awesome. If
nothing ever comes I would really like to just remain
friends with him. I know I can trust this one, because of
certain events that happened while he was here, which have
to remain secret, he proved that he is what he says he is.
And man is he hot..mmmmmmm...... Brett, do you think I can
actually score with this one? LOL. I did find out something
that he wants to do and the feeling in mutual between both
of us.

The other awesome thing about him, BTW his name is Brandon,
LOL, is that he knows how to fix cars. He has his own
company for fixing up cars. And if I can get my hands on a
Big block engine for a 67' Mustang, we are going to build a
mustang. I want this so bad. I have always wanted to build
one. Plus, he is going to teach me to drive, so I can race.
* big smile* Road racing baby!!! lmao

I met Thea today, and I have to say that so far she's cool.
I still don't like her to a point to prevent me from
getting to close and getting fucked over. I can't take that
right now. I hold my friends in very high places, and it
hurts more for a friends to hurt me than a boyfriend, for

Any how, I had a good weekend despite my mood swings. :-(
Oh, also...Brandon is going to be staying the night Fridays
and Saturdays. I'll explain that more later, Brett.

Well, I'm outtie :-)


Ps. Brett...I'm in a great mood :-) I hope things went well
with you Hun! Sorry about leaving b4 you could say bye
yesterday. MWA Luv ya!!