Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2003-05-19 08:12:43 (UTC)

Better Luck Tomorrow

So, i turned down a job at work,
it was actually a lateral move,
and not to upper movement i wanted
so, i am not all that upset about
it, the interview went well, i think
i will find out tomorrow, when
i get feedback about it...

i want, for some god awful reason
to work on one of the harder accounts
at work.. one that has 6 times the
amount of work and knowledge base
required than my current one..

oh, wait.. my mind is bleeding!!!

i am so bored out of my mind at
work, mostly because, i sit there
with a finger up my ass for 7 hours
listening to about 4 calls per
hour i am there..

that, and it think, that, if for
some inane reason, if i get onto
the busy account, it will look
better for me when i go for the
group supervisor postition..

good god... LOKI!! SAVE ME!!!

i sound, well, like some fucking
responsible human being...


who the hell wants that..

oh well...

the weekend wasn't too bad, got
my computer back from the parental
unit, without the expected argument
which is a fucking change...

i saw of course, teh Matrix..

considering the first movie, which
i slept through the first 4 times
i saw it, because i was insane hour
boi at the time, and my friends would
keep dragging me off to see it...
i eventually saw the whole thing
from start to finish..

this one, isn't bad.. i like it..
i wouldn't pay to see it again..
actually, i downloaded a bum copy
of it, and watched it again..
still not bad..

want to see a good movie?

me too...

lol, but if you want to see a
movie thats somewhat entertaining
then go see Better Luck Tomorrow..

it something i think i could have
written had i the inclination to
do so.. and i really wish i did...

well, i am broke.. nothing new there..

so, tomorrow, it's off to work..