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2003-05-19 07:15:01 (UTC)

Dang, it has been a while

I promise that I do try to keep up on writing in my
diary. I just seem to get loaded down with life.

Right now as I type my friend S is here visiting from
Michigan. She is over in Pierre's room on the phone with
her friend. I am so glad she has come to visit. I got to
pick her up at the airport when she arrived. Then we came
back here and surprised Pierre. The look of confusion on
his face was priceless. I think he wasn't sure who she
was for a split second. It was around 12:30am and she got
him out of bed. It was way too cute.

The cutest thing though was when she asked if I minded
where she slept. I said I had no preference. She
decided to go sleep with him since he was all "bathroby"
I don't know how that would be spelled.

Her being here has been nothing short of amazing. I am
super happy she is here. She is totally wonderful. ANd
even better than I imagined she would be.

Tonight she took us out for Arby's and she played cards
with me when we got back.

We just went and got food at late night snack. She even
got some chicken on a stick to try. I usually get some
and have been telling her about it for a while now. I hope
she likes it.

Right now I am watching The Cosby Show and eating my
chicken on a stick. S started watching the show with me.
She is now back with Pierre helping him on his paper.

Later I will do the homework that is due tomorrow. I have
a sketch to do for Illustration and I need to do a logo
for my package design that the rough comp is due on

John came over for the weekend. It was quite wonderful.
We just lounged around for a couple days.

I talked briefly with Dave last week. He did something
super cute on Thursday. He messaged me that he was going
to bed and had decided to say hello to me. It's the tiny
things like that, that I just love about him. The rest of
the time he frustrates me.

I am pleased that he and John seem to be getting along
right now. John was hoping that my friend Craig's wedding
didn't land on Dave's birthday so that he could do
something with Dave. That is really sweet.

Dave was in Canada last week. He asked me which candy bar
it is that John likes that is from Canada. He was going
to buy him one I think. That too was sweet. I have faith
that the two of them can at least be friends again. Maybe
not super close ones, but they can talk now and then.

I am feeling a little depressed right now. I'm not sure
what it is. I think part of it is that I ate a lot
today. I feel like I might have eaten too much. I had a
huge brunch, dinner and then late night snack. They were
not really spaced out far enough.

I hope this is not a crazy week. I want it to go by
slowly and calmly.

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