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2003-05-19 03:19:55 (UTC)

Business day - Jorney to other city

Monday if I wanted to wake up and go. I will take a jorney
to another city and try to sell books to teachers. There
is a contest for job on public schools. The city is by
side of my big city. It is like a town but has own Mayor
house. There were twenty two schools there. I will take
four books there. If more people wanted I will take more.
Maybe I become rich now. Other time I just made propaganda
and start to sell. But I had not received enought books to
sell. And I lost demand.
Maybe now I become rich. Anything people does become great
if made right. But to receive a regular payment at end of
month means that you have to save cash to make plans.
Working by ownself is better. Most you work more you can
Good days of sunlight because a polution factor was gone.