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2003-05-19 05:30:43 (UTC)

This one was funny - I thought

Black Ultra-Violent Light
© Brian Dowding 2002 - (5:51 PM 6/5/2002)

Don't speak your mind if you haven't got one
An opinion
A mistake
A whore sells her daughter to porn in an acceptence forced
through mothers teeth as she tries desperately to convince
herself that there is nothing wrong with her lifestyle, her
choices, her moral character.
Behold the price of self-pacification
Another sacrificed youth
Alter of mankind
Is man kind?

I object!
Shut him up
We have a job to do
We have no time for this
His cigarette falls from his mouth into the grey slush of
this bright winters day road-side
His silent protest is over

Restrain them all for now
They are BOUND to get better