2003-05-19 05:29:13 (UTC)

this one is off topic, but I thought it was funny - I'll let everyone argue about "is it poetry or prose" - part of the point

I am somewhat sorry for the fact that I am an intensely
selfish person in that my best musical works have either
forever remained within the realm of my own personal ideas
in my head - songs I've reserved for me and me alone - or
been forgotten. Often this is a product of my self
indulgence though some are indeed beyond the scope of my
skill to pull out of my head in any meaningful form by which
the sharing may be practically possible - which simply
reinforces my conviction that skill is a product of
dedication and a medium of shared and expressed art, but ART
itself is merely what is interpreted - expressed or
unexpressed. I may be the world's greatest actual artist,
however my shortcomings in many fields of skill prevent me
from proving this to the rest of you. Nevertheless, it has
embellished my personal life in such a way that can never be
expressed, created, or recreated - and at best, only to a
degree shared.

© Brian Dowding 2002