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2003-05-19 05:24:42 (UTC)

and another one...

The Good In Eva Patterson (Transcend)
© Brian Dowding 2000

Every morning starts the same
Dreams break on your name
And the light, through my eyes
Like waves crashing down on the shore
I realize
It slowly reminds me
Of an innocence
All but lost
Except when your
Soft embrace
As I look through your eyes
You warm my soul
'Till it melts my disguise

My peace of mind is as far away
As the reach of your hand
Yet your self-worth and good intentions
Might-as-well be scribed in the sand
Though washed away in this ocean of time
I know I'll always understand

Lost but never alone
Adrift and searching for home
The world is so demanding
I close my eyes
And despite all the lies
I still know where I'm standing

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