apfel diary
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2003-05-19 05:20:01 (UTC)

havent talked with net friends..

havent talked with net friends for a long time. only talked
with bad lokky.but we were talking in cantonese.so my
english getting worse la.need thinking a long time to type
my sis's bf come to my home very often.we all welcome him
to come to our home.but it doesnt mean we like him stay our
home so late.u know,he always stay at my home till 2am.he
and sis were sitting on sofa and doing nothing.arent they
feel bored?well,ppl who fell in love will be like this?just
stare at each other will do?the terrible thing is..they can
hug and kiss in the living room,even thought i was watching
tv there.i wont being like this if i were sis.actually they
know each other just few months.and they have already done
this such thing.sigh..crazy
Bad brother is very happy la. went to watch movie with
gal.lol. he has no heart now la, no call no email no gift
to me.but have time to hang out with friends.see..how bad
he is!
lokky had gone to thailand.he will be back on 9th june.how
unlucky his gf.keke.. be there with lokky that long.(j/k)