2003-05-19 05:13:50 (UTC)

This one was about her too - it's a little more obvious here

Beloved Whore
© Brian Dowding 1994

If you want me to
Then don't ask me anymore
If you wrap around me
Then we'll end up on the floor
Why do you want me
When you'd do the same to anyone
Don't humour me with your reasons 'cause

If it's all the same
If it's all the same to you, then
Pardon me if I expected you to care
You Beloved Whore

You climb in silent gestures
Are you pleasing anyone
Behind a flirtatious mind
Is the soul of someone crying
Will you satisfy your interests
In me and then move on
I would have loved to heal you but

You were only having fun
You weren't hurting anyone
Felt your stomach start to burn
Not knowing one safe place to turn
Inside your mind, emotions burst
Searching for something in your thirst
For why you want to live this way
Is there anything

Left to say?

You Beloved Whore