2003-05-19 05:08:34 (UTC)

This one is awkward on paper - but the music made it beautiful - another old fav

Where's Your Heart Today
© Brian Dowding 1993

Where's your heart today
In a love so true and strong, so you say
But your still afraid
Of life itself or do you like it that way
You'll someday see
How your love is bringing insanity

The truth - underneath
The excuses pinch my mind, I can't breath
Just leave

So there's not much I can say
I gave you love, in fear you merely pushed it from yourself
Just makes me wonder why I ever loved
When another just got me drunk, and found myself waking up
with someone else

So fade's the reasons to exist
It's pretty bad when you have paranoia in your own fist
I'm lost in lust, or whatever you could call this

I offered you love, but I was less than sand
And it feels so good 'neath her soft hand
That my love for you, so starved and strong
May fall to her touch if you should wait too long
Not that I'd quit love and force it to sever
But it's drowning and it can't hold it's breath forever

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