2003-05-19 05:05:53 (UTC)

This is one my "ex-fiance" wrote for me - I made a song out of it later

The Song
© Alissa O'Connor & Brian Dowding 1993
(lyrics © Alissa O'Connor 1993 - (November 30, 1993))
(music © Brian Dowding 1994 - (March 11, 1995))

If I should die in my sleep tonight
If I should never wake up again
If I should go deaf or blind
Would you leave me here all alone
Would you pick up the pieces and leave
Or would you sit and think of me


If you should die in your sleep tonight
If you should never wake up again
If you should go deaf or blind
I would mourn for you forever
I would sit by your side and cry
I would do anything I could do for you

For I love you, I need you
And I'll never let you go
No matter what the circumstances
I'll always be here
Just for you my dear

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