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2003-05-19 03:46:58 (UTC)

ocean city

i just got back home from becca's house, i was at ocean
city for the weekened with them. it's cool being down there
away from my parents. i sorta helped becca get the house
ready to be rented out for the summer. becca's mom of
course had another mental breakdown and i dont really think
becca felt bad for her at all. we were down at the beach
with her bro and his friend and a few family friends. richie
(family friend) was my age and really cool. sat. night when
becca went to sleep we were all cuddleing and shit and i
think he wanted to hook up with me but i did'nt becuase i
think becca sorta liked him or something so i did'nt do it.
he was really cute though like a big teddy bear, lol, very
good for cuddleing hah. becca though did'nt hook up with
him becuase she was like really sick, turns out she has
larengitis and i felt really bad that she was so sick, she
could barely talk. i really felt bad becuase i could tell
she really was'nt feeling good, and her mom was'nt really
takeing care of becca becuase she was takeing care of
herself. i really thought maybe i could find a peircing
place to get my belly button peirced and we passedone but
never went inside. oh well i guess i can wait longer, lol.
i found out that richie plays bass, we were talking about
it while we were cuddleing and shit and he was really cool.
anyway....i really dont wanna go to school tomorrow, but i
never do anyways. i wish i could just get away, thats what
i like about going away on vacca with friends and shit like
that. ur away from ur life, ur home, ur parents, evorything
that ever buggs you u just forget about it for the time
that your away. it's so greate. you dont have to think
about anything depressing or anything annoying other than
what ur going to wear, lol. i'm so tired but i know if i go
to bed i'll be even closer to going to school. i dont think
becca's going to school becuase she's so sick.the drive
back from the beach was so depressing becuase it's like ur
leaving ur happy-self beheind and goig back to ur old
depressed state all the time untill you get high.uch i
dunno what the fuck i'm talking about i'm just tied and i
think, well i guess i'm going to bed now.

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