forever changing
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2003-05-19 03:31:02 (UTC)


hmm where to start. no tmuch has happened but still.
yesterday i went over and hung out with mike before work.
it was cool we went over to his dads house adn stayed the
re for awhile. his dad is interesting. they were both
telling me about his dad's truck (he has a big peterbilt)
and it was just fun. but today i only got to see him
breifly because he went to breakfast with his family and
didn't get home until we had already gone to go boating.
but i had forgatten my purse and sweatshirt at this house
so i had to go pick it up. and now i can't talk to him on
the phone or anything because yep im grounded but oh well i
will see him later or else i am goin to go insane again. i
can't wait untill wednesday! i have my driving test on
wednesday adn i have to pass i know i will i am doin really
well with driving and so i know i am goin to pass.
when we were out boating today i raced a cop! and he
started it. it was so funny it is this old cop my dad knows
(he was the first cop to arrest my dad) but he rode up next
tot us and asked if we wanted to race i was driving so my
dad told me to gun it so i did it was so grand and well i
am really bored right now because i have nothing to do. i
will write later. bye bye

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