heaven key

2003-05-19 03:02:35 (UTC)

another dazed sunday

well her i am on sunday. i just got off the phone with
elishia, and i might be going to her cabin next weekend.
she says she cant afford to go to ex fest anymore, so she
wants to go to the cabin. she was really wierd today
because she was out all last night , doing drugs. i told
her i wanted some. lol. anyways i went shopping today. i
got a new pair of adidas sandals. i get them every year, at
this time so it comes as no surprise. my mom just had to
get a pair too, so i made her get the ones that were in a
different color. then ryan and i drove around for awhile. i
went with him to pick up a bag of nugs, which are really
good. now im watching the bachelor. it was stephanies
birthdy today, and i felt really bad that i didnt get to
BUG IN HERE!!!! i freeking hate those things so bad that
it isnt even funny. yay on the bachelor he picked jenthats
great kirsten was just a biotch. im so pissed. me and my
friend were gonna move out to a house , but i guess he says
its only 700 sq feet. thats just not enough living space
for me . especially if im going to be living with a guy, so
that really sucks, cos it was sorta in my price range. too
bad . i could get it for myself if i had a better job, but
i dont so that really blows, plus today i blew like 100
dollars, and my cell phone bill is going to be due soon
too, and i know that there are tons of roming charges since
i made all those calls from ohio. if anyone who is reading
this wants a room mate , let me know . lol. im real cute.
hahaha nah but anyhow i really do need to figure out a plan
to go out abd be on my own , because this just isnt even
cutting it for me anymore. god damn i do not wnat to work
tomorrow . i just cant stamd being there for so long in a
day. it toils me. and knowing that im making next to
nothing per hour isnt too thrilling either. i have problems
with procrastination. i need to go look for another job but
i never want to get off my ass to do it. i need
motivation, . blah anyways this is about all that i have to
say at the moment ill write again later