No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
2003-05-19 01:53:04 (UTC)

napes552: pissed off a lot are we?

well ha! im writing a HAPPY entry!

11 more weeeks!!!!
Aug. 2...quit work
Aug. 9...move in
Sep. 1...18!!!

lokiomega2liter: He's kind of flaming too
Kerri614Dre: uh huh
lokiomega2liter: once he asked me out and I told him he
doesn't even have a wee wee
Kerri614Dre: LOL...u wierdo
lokiomega2liter: I made him cry so I had to comfort him
lokiomega2liter: so I made him a little wee wee and some
lokiomega2liter: I used Reynolds wrap

bet that^ got u confused huh? well im not telling! lol hyper...

3 more days of school left! i cant wait!

'suck and blow' and 'i never' right laura?!
teehehe...we're gonna get wasted!

work sucked on saturday! i cried...laura cried...
long story
it sucked tho
except...cindy took us to Applebys at lucnh:)

im talking to Vovan and Alan...and IMing Laura even tho
shes not at her computer! lol


i went shopping w.Laura & Paul yesterday! dillards has
pants on sale for $25 :)...and i got cute stuff for the
apartment :) yay!

gonna go now!