Fun Size

Jimmy fell off the cliff again?
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2003-05-18 22:42:20 (UTC)

today is sunday

i have done pretty much nothing the whole weekend. but it
was still good. my aunt and cousin came from wisconsin
yesterday. i haven't seen them in a couple of years, so
thats good. we had a cook out today. food was great and
the people were too. marissa went with frankie...... who
would have ever guessed? hmmmmmmmmm. hahaha. frankie i am
just kidding cause i know you are reading this cause you
are a little shit like that, haha. i got some clothes
yesterday... my mom made me. i could have gone the summer
with out shorts, but noooooo. oh well. i found out that
they made dicky shorts so it's all good. i also got a
hackey sack and i have been using that. i hurt myself on a
fire hidrent (don't know how to spell it, nor do i care...
unless thats it.) and don't ask. it was pretty stupid. it
would have been cool looking but i fell on it. i went to
the jr prom on friday. that was a lot of fun. i had a
panic attack, that was fun too. i mean, WHAT?! who said
that? panic attacks suck and that was the first time i had
one since like december. derek should be here soon, thats
if he decides to come. well i'm out

later, fun size