Shellie Benellie

Me and My Life
2003-05-18 22:02:15 (UTC)

ups and downs

the day started great. my solo was great, I did awesome!
lol then after chruch went and got my booked signed my Mary
Higgins Clark!! She is a great writer!! Then I get home
after three long hours of standing in line and asked did
you get my message no i think i have the right not to check
my machine as soon as i get home i wanted to check my mail
thanks. then im basicly told in acting like a bitch when
she is the one who ditched me!! makes sence huh!! but im
the one with tha attitude ya know i can only hold a freind
ship so long with out being put down for it. i can only be
so nice without flipping andi can only stand being ditched
so many times before i freak out and go crazy!! so i duno
even know im so fricken