my so called life
2003-05-18 20:50:29 (UTC)

Crazy night out and trouble in paradise

Friday I had my Geology resources exam. It was a three
hour exam, but I was finished after about half an hour. It
wasn't just me tho, most of the students left at 10 am (the
exam started at 9 am and we're not allowed to leave before
10 am). I don't know how I did, some of the questions were
really stupid. Like there's this organisation in Norway,
the Norwegian Geology Investigation, who take care of a lot
of geology-stuff.. We knew that we were supposed to learn
about them, so I had read about them.. but the question we
got on the exam was : What is their slogan?
Like, seriously? Their SLOGAN?!?
I didn't know that, so.. But that was just one question.
After the exam I went shopping with Kirsti and Linda, and
had a good time. I bought some underwear, a red top and a
mascara. After that I went home, had a shower and went to
Linda's place where we had a barbecue. We were like 15
people and it was a lot of fun. Everyone got pretty drunk
and then we took a cab to the university clubs. All the
departments on my uni (I don't know how many there are, but
somewhere between 10 and 20) have their own club that's
open every Friday and when something big is happening.
There's almost always a lot of people and we have a lot of
fun there. The of May is a big going out day in
Norway (the of May is our national day), so all the
clubs were open to 5 am! Normally they close at midnight
and we go to the clubs in town, but not this Friday. All
the clubs are situated at pretty much the same place. The
weather was really nice, and there were people everywhere!!
The atmosphere was really good and we had such a great
time. It felt like a market in Spain or something, with
everyone out all night. We were all pretty drunk and I
danced a lot.
I don't know if you remember this guy called Troy.. I wrote
about him just after I moved to Trondheim. He's like a lot
of fun and I always end up hanging out with him when I'm
out. I don't know why, but we always end up kicking it at
the dancefloor and having a lot of fun. He is like Ben's
total opposite, and we just have fun singing and dancing.
Being Ben's total opposite, he's not the kind of guy I
could fall in love with, but I like hanging out with him. I
can tell that I miss Ben a lot and that I'm really, REALLY
sick of being without him, cause everytime I'm out I go a
little further. I'm not saying that anything will happen,
cause I know it won't, but anyhow.. I'm really sick of
having a boyfriend and having to act like someone who's in
a relationship when most of the time I just as well could
have been single. I feel that I get a lot of the downsides
with having a boyfriend and not so much the good sides. The
reason I'm thinking of this right now is that Ben has been
offered to stay at the Russian border for another six
months.. it's because he's really good at what he's doing
and they want him for another six months. If he does, he
will make about £20 000 in only six months, and he will get
off at 4 pm every day and he won't have to live in the
cabin. So the only reason he hasn't said yes (yet?) is me.
Cause I really don't want him to. This year has been so
hard, and I thought it was almost over. But I can't tell
him not to, cause £20 000 is a lot of money.. so I've said
that if he chooses to do it, I will wait for him. And I
guess I have no choice. Cause I can't break up with him.. I
just can't. That would break my heart and it would never
mend. But I don't know.. I don't know if I can handle
another six months like this. It's just so..I dunno..
Well, he hasn't made up his mind yet.. cause he's really
sick of being there and he misses me. And when I told him
that I would wait for him, he was surprised, cause he
didn't think I would. And I don't know what to do.. once
again I have nothing to say.. I just have to sit around and
wait for him to make up his mind and decide what happens
with us. I'm so SICK of that!! Why is it never up to me?

Well, anyhow..
I had a great time out and I got home at 5:30. I went to
bed and the next day was our national day. I was supposed
to meet my friends in town at twelve, to watch the parade,
but when I woke up at 10:00, I felt so bad I.. I took a
shower and stuff, but I started throwing up, so I just had
to go back to sleep. At 2 pm I felt a little better, so I
got up again and put on my national costume and went to
town. I met my friends and we watched the rest of the
parade and went to get ice cream. Later we made dinner at
Kirsti's place.
Today I've just relaxed, and I made a guestbook for my
friend Steve's website. Some uses, others
use me ;)
Tomorrow I have to start stuyding for my final exam which
is Saturday. Then I have summer holidays!! YAY!!
I haven't got a job yet, so I don't know what to do. We'll
I'm out now.