Obsurd and Undiscussed Relations
2003-05-18 17:35:49 (UTC)

Back Again

Hey well yesterday rocked! Me, Cassie, Beth, Jake, and
Mason went swimming and then to the mall for a while. We
were so tired cuz we had to walk from the Y to the mall and
the guyz got a ride so when we got there we bitched them
out for making us walk and then we went into a store and me
and Jake almost fell asleep on the couches while Cassie and
Mason and Beth were busy throwing stuffed animals at e/o.
Cassie grabbed a thing of pads and threw them at that seems to happen alot. Last week at the
meet in Mid Pen they were fighting w/ tampons. Lol Cassie,
if you're reading this I got a really good plan for us to
do to Mason and Jake.

Our track meet on Wednesday was awesome. We had this big
ass water fight and everyone was soaked. I'm glad I was
done running so I didnt have to run in a wet uniform.

The meet on Thursday was scary. Dustin...omg that's nuts.
Hey Dustin you ass I'm never wearing a white shirt around
you again! =) Hehe I can't believe you'd soak me! I was on
your side against Cassie and Beth! I was protecting you!
Grr...this is war! Monday your going down so be ready.

Monday is another HS track meet. I can't wait cuz I think
all of us are going...If Jake and Mason can get over here
after school. Maby Jakes babysitter at that one meet,
Timmie, can come too. And David and um...all the girls from
Big Bay are bitches so I hope they don't come. Maby Alysa
will be here too...doubt it tho.

Hey Alysa, next year we're gonna have to prank that Mr.
Beaver dude so bad! Oh and tennis, haha I still don't get
any of those jokes. I sent in the volleyball camp form so
we can get a dorm together.

Poor Beth. Hun did you break up w/ Ryan yet?? Lol, he's
gonna cry when you do. When's he getting back from down

Hey we get out of school soon! This summer is gonna rock!
Party at the train bridge! Ya'll are gonna have to get a
ride to my house or something and walk over there cuz,
especially you Jake, I doubt your rents will let ya come
party w/ us. These parties this summer are gonna be better
than last year. Last year was prep summer, and this one is
gonna be the best! We can sneak shit to the bridge can't
we?? Well, we'll find a way. We always do. Jake and Mason,
I can't believe you guyz have only been drunk once. This
summer, haha you're gonna be in for it and I wanna no the
real truth about you guyz last time you were. I know not to
believe Dustin, but I know something happened, especially
w/ you Mason. I know you too well. If I told your g/f half
the stuff you did that only I know about...she'd owe her ma
the $100 cuz she'd dump you. Imma make ya'll tell me the truth of
what happened. You can trust me tho, I won't tell. And I know you
weren't drunk enough, 2 beers and 2 or 3 shots, not to remember. I
mean that's sad that you got drunk off of only that and there's no
way that you can lie to me. I got so many sources and ways to get
you to tell me that I WILL get it out of you. Hehe. =)
Aren't I just so nice?? I'm just curious tho, so tell me.

Well, I think that's all I got to say for right now. See ya