life's weird
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2003-05-18 16:22:44 (UTC)

prom was scary.

fuck fuck fuck fuck
tommy's away message:
Prom was SO MUCH FUN. KT, you are my favorite. Yay for the
beautiful and wonderful Caitlin! I love you!

when we said goodbye (he walked me to my door) i gave him
a hug with one hand (i was carrying a bag) and he grabbed
me and hugged me. then he pulled me even closer and
sighed. i couldn't even look at him.
I hate to say it but i had a horrible time with him last
night. I just.... i couldn't be with him. he scared me too
much and i didn't know what he'd say or do. i mean it was
an awesome night when i was with my friends and all....i
went a little crazy but oh well. i just... iw as so scared
by tommy.
hes so intense and so depressing and uncomfortable. i
shouldn't have gone. im so stupid.
every slow song, id have to dance with him and i would
hold him so far away. i couldn't get close to him. when
the night was coming to and end, i was so happy. but i
felt so bad that i was so horrible to him. i was HORRIBLE
to him and he still puts that as an away message. im an
awful person.