champagne supernova
2003-05-18 09:08:46 (UTC)


i might have developed a small case of insommnia
temporarly. cause for the past two nights i havent gone to
bed till 2 in the morning. oh well i dont mind ill get
enough sleep when im dead! so barnum was cool! granted i
didnt get to sit by any of my friends,
jim,jessica,chris,mychael, and jen al had differensats then
i, so i sat by random senior citizens. which wasnt
necessarly a bad thing, but i know denture cream when i
smell it. and then today i went out to dinner at "the old
ship" for some reason, mr anderton kept calling it "ye old
ship" me why...but hey if he wants to throw in a
lil' shakespear in there, go for it i say! ragtime was
good, but itdidnt hold my intrest at all and i was very
tired thru the hole thing and reached the point of almost
having to use frank as a pillow cause i couldnt keep my
eyes open! it wasnt was too long and all the songs
were th same so it wasnt cool, plus te annoying girl who
played evelyn nisbet..."WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"......GOT ON MY
NERVES! but hey all's fair in love and acting. an boy do
they need to expand those balcony seats! then christina (
ur right denise she is freakin the best) frank diane
jessica andi drove around looking for a coldstone ice
cream parlor...and found on. a closed one. so we went to
mcdonlds and they got ice cream...i had the very common
hawiian teenager disease called "lacka-mula" so i didnt
get anything , ten i came my messages..(chris
lol) and now im off to eat something. im famished!
goodnight sleep tight..and get ready to experience the

fancy jean*