Dave's Mental Meanderings
2003-05-18 07:24:40 (UTC)

Poem - "Leaving Today"

I’m leaving today before it all unravels,
As fast as my grass-stained feet can travel.
If I ascend from the valley by the break of high noon,
It will be not a slice of a second too soon.
All that I own I can throw on my back
In a tired old worn-out and dirty rucksack.
Behind me in shambles lie the mortal remains
Of what only amounts to shackles and chains,
Piled up in a heap a few miles back,
In a cobwebbed corner of a broken-down shack,
With the light shining in through a dirty glass pane,
Invoking something between nostalgia and shame.
I took one last look through morning’s bright haze,
Then forgot all about those mysterious days,
Days that would pass out of strict obligation,
And finally gave way to my new-found elation.
But those days are dead and left far behind,
For as feet walk away, so too must the mind.
The past for me is but a pile of rubble,
And I’ve got to put some miles between my back and my
Although some of that which I’m leaving behind
Is worth more than anything my new path will find,
Not a tear will be shed for what will be missed,
For the passage of time these bonds can resist.
I’ll be back some day once I’ve buried the dead
And cleared up the confusion that clutters my head.
Until then I’ll be resting in a simpler place,
Biding my time before returning to grace.