hello kitty cat
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2003-05-18 06:17:06 (UTC)


So I'm sitting around with Dave, Stephanie and Ashley....
same old same old..Stevey couldn't make it tonight cause he
has to wake up at like 6 am to go to work. If I would have
invited him like 30 mins before I did though, he would have
just left with Dave....oh well we're stlil having a good
ealier today my Grandmother called saying I should go to my
Father's house and pick up some "furniture" he got for
me...and that he was out of the country so he wouldn't
bother me...I get there...and what he left for me..was an
industrial box of Q-Tips....his old blow dryer...and a
daiquiri's a complete idiot..he has
really lost it. I just wish I could go get MY furniture
from that damn house...he has no right to keep it....I'd
like my DVD player and TV too..but that is now a lost
cause..seems to be a lot of those lately. SO I'm going to
sign off for now and try and get tired..I need to wake up
and go to work bleh.

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