I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-05-18 05:30:05 (UTC)

I Didn't Do It Just For The Sake Of Giving

Well, I broke down and got my sister a birthday present.
She sent me a card for my birthday this year. But then
again, 23 isn't anything special. She will be turning 21
on Monday however. Wow. My sister. 21. That's just scary.

Back to the subject at hand. When we were little, we wore
out a tape of a children's album with songs by Carly Simon
and James Taylor and Bette Midler and more. The album is
called In Harmony. Well, Ri and I have that whole thing
memorized. I don't know where the tape is today, but I
think it's floating around somewhere. Anyway, I know that
neither of us has heard it for years. So I searched and
finally found it on CD. And I got it for her. (And one for
me too).

I told my dad about this today and his comment was "See! I
know you two love each other even if you don't get along!"

Well, yeah, I suppose, but I didn't get it for her because
it was an unselfish act of generosity for her birthday. I
got it because I was hoping for some kind of
acknowledgement from her. Something that will make her
think that I am worth paying a tiny bit of attention too.
That she'll think I'm pretty cool for getting it for her.

I hate that I even care.