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2003-05-18 04:16:19 (UTC)

Rainbow Flags

It's Saturday night and I stopped by to see the fam damily.
Mum and Kent are gone that I think of it
they probably went to the movies. Amond is m.i.a. and so me
and Rhys have been hanging out for the past hour or so.
Rhys dyed his hair blonde. Well, Mum highlighted it and it
turned the same color mine did the first time I highlighted
it, a redish/brownish blonde. He's different, I didn't like
the color when it was on me but anyways. So, what did I do
yesterday you ask? I went to freakin' Canadia! Hell yeah! I
went to Vancouver, British Columbia and had a lot of fun.
Granted I was in the car for like 7hrs but I had fun.
Vancouver is easily the biggest city I've been to and next
to San Francisco and San Jose, it's the prettiest too. So,
we get there and first thing we do is hit the shopping
district which is right before downtown and it has over 200
stores on both sides of the street and it was just crazy!
There were sooooo many damn people around it was awesome. I
live in quiet Steilacoom and it was nice to be in the thick
of things in a major city. Of course I didn't buy anything
there because even after converting the Canadian currency
to American it was just too damn expensive. So, after we
got tired of the shopping district we went through downtown
and made our way up to West/Northern Vancouver and went to
the Grouse Mountains. We wanted to check out North
America's highest skyline, it goes 3,700ft up into the
mountains, but the 8min ride was going to cost about $100
for the four of us! So, we said hell no and went to some of
the gift shops and I bought a shot glass that has Canada
and the maple leaf on one side and then a tribal raven on
the other side. Collecting shot glasses is my thing and
once Jennifer gets back from vacation, I'll have one from
Hawaii too! Score! From there we went to this split
shopping mall....a half was on each side of the street. It
was a really nice mall too and these old men were gathered
around playing this oversized game of chess! It was cool
and I took a picture of it. I looked all over the place for
chess boards but the ones they had were too expensive. It's
my goal in life to become a master chess player by the way.
Ummmm....what else....actually before we strolled in the
malls we had lunch at The Keg which is this really nice
restaurant, not Applebee's kinda. I had
the fish and chips which was the bomb....but then again I
had barely eaten anything so saw dust would have tasted
good at that point, lol. But after the mall we were all
tired and decided it was time to head back. We left at
about 8:30am and we didn't get back until 10pm so it was a
long ass day. I have to say though that Canadian men are
hot! Granted you have your ogres but I saw soooo many hot
guys and I was telling Nichole on the phone today that I
didn't see but I think one or two blondes. All the guys
were brunettes and just oh so nummie. And their accents are
so fucking hot I was about to start humping this one guys
leg in the Sony Store. Rhys had asked him how much a video
game would cost when converted to American currency and he
said, "Oh no problem! I get on it and be right back! Aye!"
I paused for a second because I know they make fun of
Canadians because of that "Aye!" shit but they really say
it and it is so sexy! It's kinda like a toned down british
accent. Well, needless to say I had some interesting
fantasies about Canadian men last night.....but I won't go
there because I'm at my Mum's house. Speaking of "Mum",
they say "mum" there too! Lol, I told her I'm slowly
converting to Canadian. They have some running around down
here in Washington, more around Seattle though. Anywho,
what else....oh! And I saw gay flags in windows in the
shopping district! I was so happy because I know that means
it's like gay friendly or a gay establishment. I had never
seen them before and then I realized that I think "Queer As
Folk" films in Vancouver too. When we were at the mall
there was a lesbian couple just all out in the open kissing
each other and it was just so great. I think I'll become a
Canadian now and start working on my accent. It just made
me feel all warm and fuzzy that the city as a whole was so
accepting of gay/lesbian culture. I saw a billboard of two
guys being intimate just feels good to know there
are cool places like that. Well, I think that's all for now
I've pretty much summed up my whole trip. I love, love,
love Vancouver and I want to go back! They had flags up
saying the winter olympics is coming to Vancouver in 2010.
Who knows, if I'm still up here by then I may end up going.
Aiiight I'm out. Later!