hello kitty cat
2003-05-18 01:25:16 (UTC)

bits and pieces

Ha, I had a really good nite last night....Stephanie, Alex,
and I all went over to Stevey and David' was quite
interesting....we ended up leaving their house and just
bringing Stevey back to ours --we stayed up till like 7 am
just sitting around talking. It's too bad about David
though, I can't believe he's actually a heroin
addict....he's so gone it's not even funny. He doesn't even
give a shit about his life. Stevey is moving out because of
it, I'm glad he's not doing that shit anymore...but it
sucks that he has to see his best friend go though all of
LOL --almost forgot--Eric called me for the first time in
like 2 weeks...hah he just kept telling me to come
over...him and Cheeze, I never heard from Mike but I'm sure
he was there too (Garcia)...those guys are so funny. They
were having one of their usual parties...I need to see
their new house though, I hear it's really nice. I
obviously didn't go over last night...I didn't have
time...nor was I in the mood to put up w/all those drunk
I think Dan finally got the point--I haven't heard from him
in a while (thank god)....he drinks way too fucking
much...I know he's playin a show soon, he'll probably call
me and try and get me to go...bleh
I was having some terrible physical pain there for a while,
but now I'm fine again. I think the idea of what actually
happened ot me was a little worse than the actual physical
pain...but you know...that in itself taught me a lot.
I've realized a lot of things these last couple days...and
I'm really glad I have. Things are going to change.