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2003-05-18 01:10:37 (UTC)

Seizing the Day is Rewarding

Alrite, so for a few weeks there were these guys in
school who always followed me and my friends when we
weren't following them, if you receive my meaning. In more
blatant terms, they were stalking us, and we were stalking
them. It was a rather amusing event too; occurred every
lunch period. We even came to naming them. The blonde one
we called Runner because he reminded me of a character by
that same name in a story I had written, and the spanish
one we called Banana, because he always seems to wear

So this game of cat and mouse ensued for quite a while
as I earlier said. We would pass by each other and smile,
look back at each other once we had passed. You know, the
whole lot. Sometimes, there were even jealous acts in
which they would purposely have a girl all ove them right
at the moment we were passing. Naturally, we countered
such attacks with jealousy acts of our own. ^_^

After much of the charade, I decided that it was time my
friends and I spoke to the boys. After all, they're rather
cute and seemed to have friendly personalities. So various
plans were concocted. At first, it would merely be the
handing over of a note, but shyness came along and
beckoned we do no such thing. Then one day, as I was
perusing through a yearbook, I found that RUnner and
Banana's real names were Eric and Jon and that they were
both FresHmaN!! And I'm a junior. A sad tragedy.

However, this gave me more incentive to deliver the note
I had written them over the weekend, for if they were
younger than me, why should I be afraid of giving them a
note in which I wrote that they were hot? Having this in
mind, I decided I would do it! My friends Tristin and
Natalie supported me the whole way. Mind you, they claimed
many times they would give the boys the note their selves
whenever I 'chickened' out, but they never did. In
reality, they were just as shy as I.

You must understand, there are several rules one must
heed in the giving of a note to a boy that one likes.
First off, you must never catch the boy at a time in which
he's with the opposite sex. This breeds jealousy. Second
off, you must find the boy either alone or with the least
amount of comrades in his company. This prevents
embarassment. Lastly, you must decide in what manner you
would like the note to be given. Are you going to hand it
over and then start a conversation, hand it as you pass
the boy by, or hand it and then walk off in the direction
you had come? These are all delicate matters that must be

I resolved them, but naturally, things never do work otu
as one would like. It was a Monday or Tuesday I think. One
of my guy friends, Leo, was eating lunch with my friends
and I. Big mistake. Leo can be the most humiliating friend
at times; it was a tragedy that I told him about Eric and
Jon. A real tragedy. The trouble started when Eric, Jon,
and a third friend were approaching my crew seemingly with
purpose to speak with us. Suddenly, Leo, in all his
stupidity, yells out at the top of his lungs: "LOOK WHO'S
BACK!!!!" to which we cover our faces with our hands and
throw punches at him. He only persisted. "CAN YOU BE ANY
MORE OBVIOUS?!?!" And lastly, the final blow: "YOU LIKE
JOHNATHAN!!!" I gasped and walked away from the situation
as soon as I could. Meanwhile, Eric and Jon had found a
group of friends with whom they were socializing, while
occasionally sending glances our way.

I was going to give them the note that day but they were
working up one of their jealousy acts; I suppose for the
whole Leo ordeal. I must say, however, that Eric and Jon
seemed to hang out more in the area where we ate lunch
every day. It was becoming evident that they were just as
interested in meeting us, as we were them. Then one
Thursday night, I can't remember what it was, but I knew i
HAD to give them that note no matter what! I just HAD to!

And so it began. I dressed up; I had originally planned
to wear a miniskirt but went for the classy look instead.
Once again, they were in the area where my friends and I
eat lunch. Time passed ever so quickly for once. And
before I knew it, the dismissal bell rang. I HAD to do
it! "Fear is the Mindkiller. I will face my fear, I will
allow my fear to pass through me. There will be only me!"
Yes, like the dork I am, I kept repeating this phrase.
Tristin suggested we prayed, but I had already asked God
to give me courage that morning. This would work out

Of course, giving them the note called us to stalk them
one final time. It was a rather obviosu stalk too, I think
I caught Runner glance at me out the corner of his eye
once. I was extremely nervous, my body steadily feeling
like warm goo. My head was spinning and my heart racing a
million beats per minute. Tristin and Natalie were right
behind me, but as the note-bearer I suddenly felt all
alone. But I HAD to do it. The moment of truth was coming.
Would I be a coward, or stand up to my fear?

I reached out and tapped Banana on the shoulder (we were
that close) and said "Hey, me and my friend wrote this
note. It's for you guys. Here." Jon took it with an "okay"
as I hurried walked off to my left; they walked straight
ahead to where their clases were I presumed. As I
continued on, I heard Eric exclaim, "I knew it!" It only
made me more nervous.

But the pani slowly went away and I couldn't help but
feel proud of myself and of my friends. We stood up to our

That night, Jon IMed me as I was online!!!! It was
sooooo GREAT! It shows that slight chance that they may be
interested. I was so elated that after I spoke with him, I
had to get offline and call my friend. We were so happy!

And so, seizing the day was rewarding.