thats absurd
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2003-05-17 23:35:18 (UTC)

The widely anticipated tales of things i eat volume 2

I'm by myself
I'm watching M*A*S*H
and listening to Johnny Cash
while on the Phone and studying
my tummy starts a'grumbling
a'grumbling for the fridge's door

I only ate an hour past
but suddenly a gurbled blast
rose up and through my bowels passed those fabled words
"im hungry..."

I didn't really need to eat
yet gainst my will I rose to feet
already marching steadily for the fridges door
"Back!" I said, "we need no more!"

Yet my protestant paws did wander
right up to the fridges door
again i say "we need no more,
thou foul feet i do deplore!"
But they persist and we arrive.
the threshold of the fridge's door

My feet had thought they won the day
but there's one thing i found that they
had seemed to missed, there minds a stray
and mine, Knew in its deepest core
"we use our hands to open doors!"

Back to the couch defeated souls
had given up there food patrol
They stopped and they would try no more
"Revenge revenge" I thought I heard
while walking cross the shaggy floor
while to my back
the fridge's door