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2003-05-17 20:03:17 (UTC)

Well i am just sittin here..

Well i am just sittin here waiting for katie and matthew
to come pick me up so we can go to jodis party so i thought
i would write a few words in here. I think this past week
could possibly qualify as the worst week of my life. i mean
i know i could get worse b/c its always worse for someone
else. But i mean everything that could possibly go
wrong....it decided to go wrong this week. jake (this guy
at school) asked me out on thursday. Yeah i didn't want to say
yes but i didnt want to say no b/c saying no isnt easy b/c
they get all sad. but eventually i got up the guts and a
nice lame excuse (which was a true excuse 2 wondering
minds) and i turned him down. then the yesterday at school
the first time he saw me he started getting all sad and i
saw him go into the office. I had to go into the office
anyway so i went in and i saw him on the phone askin his
mom if he could go home and he was teary eyed. talk about
makin me feel like the worst person in the whole world. but
dont think that that was what ruined my week b/c that was
just a tiny speck of the portrait of things that went
wrong. but i wont write about all of those because i dont
have time and i also dont want to b/c i get all sad and i
want to be happy when katie and matthew get there b/c i
dont want to be the party pooper. Wow they are slow getting
over here. they were supposed to leave katies house at 2:30
and its now 3:00 and i am pretty sure that it doesnt take
them 30 mintues to get over here. but thats ok. i am
sittin in my house all alone listening to music so im sure
when they do come in they are going to scare the livin fire
outta me. but thats ok too b/c it too shall pass. i think
that that is going to be my new outlook on the things that
trouble me in life. everything with time shall pass. no
matter what it is i can get throught it b/c i got the most
powerful being in the universe on my side. :-D but the sad
thing about the thing about everything passes is that that
usually means that even the good things pass too. like
relationships with people. thats one that i really hate.
cuz sometimes that can be really hard on the person who was
abandoned or whatknot. yeah but i better get so that when
they do get here they wont scare me like im predicting.
later all.