Marco Jacksonovic

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2003-05-17 19:39:53 (UTC)

And Not A Pound To Spend.

They keep dropping through the door, the geyts. More and
more people wanting more and more of my money, as if I
have the money to give them in the first place. Maybe I'm
annoyed because I CAN pay them right now, I'd just rather
not, because the BT service is absolute crap, and the
Electricity and Gas are sent out in formation. We pay one,
so they send us the other, and so on and so forth.

And then the junk mail war has started hitting me. No,
I'll give my opinion for free. If they want to pay me for
it, they clearly need to get out more. Its not worth
paying for me to say I quite like Pavement, and that I
prefer a stronger coffee in the morning to the afternoon.

Not really annoyed, though. A bit tired. A bit upset that
in times where I've spent no time in my room it suddenly
seems as if I've been burgled. And not just of my fashion
sense, though if you've seen my 'in-house' wear today, I
may as well have been. I'm sort of businessman/child/fish
fryer chic.

Still at least the living room is full of balloons. (FA
Cup Final day) and R Kelly is No. 1. Oh, and a good luck
to Didi who has a semi-final tomorrow.

I could go with an individual thing to him, but the more
readers, the more good karma is sent out. Eh? Eh? Well,
good luck from me anyways. Expect a similar note to Didi
Agathe on Wednesday evening.

WILT? Marv Johnson - I'll Pick A Rose For My Rose.