heaven key

2003-05-17 19:37:58 (UTC)

my life this second.

here i am again its now 2:32 on saturday. i was sending
instant messages back and fourth to stephanie all morning
on my computer. anyways. phillip called me last night at
like 2 am. i was sleeping, but i answered anyway. i told
him that he would have to call me back tomorrow, or
somthing. i was pissed. i mean whats the use of him calling
me that late. i see like 10 or 11 , that way we could still
make arrangements to hangout, but at 2? thats just nuts. i
talked to jenny this morning too. her and carolyn are going
to hang out. i feel like she never has enough time for me,
because she lives so far away, but i can always get
there... anyways evryone is geting in from my uncles
surprise party. i didnt go . im too depressed to go , so i
just stayed in and played online. i really need to start
saving up my money big time. im never gonna get to move out
of here or go to school. god this entry is a piece of shit.
boring and un entertaining.. as days go by my life gets
more and nore useless