REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-05-17 18:56:07 (UTC)

my pass couple days

my pass couple days have been good. vanessa came over
yestorday at like 8. we were on the computer the whole
time, but than it started getting boring so we drove in
her corvette downstairs. LOL than i put on my elephant
slipper:-D *i was in my pjs at 8 o clock at night since my
parents lve to take my life away* and she put on her
shoes...which she already had on and we went outside. i
preformed a trick for her...a tight rope walk..very
dangerous! and we joged in place for a bit lol, and we
went downstairs into my basement. in my basement we wanted
to run so we started running lol, gotta get skinny! well
we ran and ran and thanw e stopped..and i told her that
when i was like 5 i use to come down into my basement and
dance with the pillers. lol..its true! yeah i dunno after
tha we came upstairs on the computer...again. at 1130 she
left caues i dunno i told her to tell her parents to come
pick her up yea.. i wanted her to sleep over but shes
going somewhere. yeah, well guys! i decided to switch my
diary. im switching it to the diaryland one cause those
are pretty, and ive finally figured out how to. so im goin
right now to delete my pass enteries in diary land and
start a new one..so pizzle yoz!
-bye my-diary.org ill miss you..