Welcome to own demise
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2003-05-17 14:29:25 (UTC)

basements suck

so i havent written in a long long time......

im soooo sleepy but cani sleep? no! and why not? bc ramon
decided to scehduale the guy to copme in and finish workin
on the bsaement at like 8 on a saturday morning. stupid

so lets see whats been goin on,......

right so i absolutlely love albert.
i do. i totally do.
his visit last week was nice.... in my opinion anyway.
the only day i didnt see him was the last day he was
here.... and that day my foot got run over by a
car..........aint that a bitch.

prom was lame.... but prom night wsa great. i felt so
pretty. and albert looked so good. oh my god he looked so
sexay in his suit. he cleans up nice. hehe... after prom
we had our own after party and it was fun too..... i wont
go into details bc thats no ones business but i will say
this....... i finally won one! hehe......

thi girl at school becky, is starting to piss me off. i
dont know what i did to make her start acting sooooo
bitchy to me, but whatever it was she needs to stop being
so childish bout it and say something to my face.

ive been smoking a lot of pot lately. and ive been eating
a lot lately too...
i need to stop doin both.

i'm going to my moms house this summer...... so i have a
-take drivers ed
-start takin my pills everyday again
-get a job
-work out atleast every other day
-maybe do some summer school
-sewing classes

im considering moving in with my mom again.... i dont know
if i could handle it tho, gabi would drive me nuts.

since albert lost his job my mom offered him one out by
her.... hes sayin hes strongly considering taking it.....
i hope he does. im not like trying to push him towards my
family or life or anything but my mom could get him a job
in a couple diff. fields, and heklp him out with shit
too..... and i mean im going out there for the summer
yea, and that would be really fucking weird having him
live in my house........ but.... he could alwasy get his
own place after a lil bit, or i could alwasy just go back
home.... and i mean... i'm planning on having such a busy
summer..... i gotta lost weight again.... i hate this
fatness im accumulating here.

fucking ants all over the damned room

why ami starting to smoke and shit again?
what the hell is wrong with me?
knock it off lucia!

i'm doing horribly in school too...
all this week, i came home talked to albert on the phone
then went to bed..... slept atlast 10 hours a night.
didnt do any of my work.

i'm gonna go get something to drink...... maybe eat

i wish i could have talked to someone last night... but he
wasnt home..... i wish i wasnt so obsessively stuck on
this man...... but i love him.....and i dont know what to

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