2003-05-17 10:10:36 (UTC)

Quilt Show, Little Trip and Goldfinches

We ended up getting more than 50 quilts for the quilt show.
Margaret was able to get the local museum to lend us a quilt
made by church members almost a hundred years ago. People
paid a dime to have their signature embroidered on it and
then the quilt was raffled off. There were a number of
quilts from the 1920s and 1930s up to and including some
recently made and everything from king sized to doll sized.

There was a sizeable crowd this evening, enjoying the quilt
show followed by pie, coffee and conversation. When I came
at 6 p.m to work my shift taking admission to the show I saw
Jana leaving with three big slices of peach pie. I had
seen her at the post office in the morning and told her I'd
be bringing a couple of peach pies and she said "Oh! I'm
going to make sure I get there early so I can get some of
that!" She did.

During a lull in people, I looked out the window and noticed
a flock of goldfinches in the back garden of a nearby house.
They were circling, almost as if they were dancing, and the
setting sun made them glow like they were indeed gold. Then
it began to rain and because of the sun, the raindrops
looked like ice. It was odd, but beautiful.
Our little trip was to Corvallis. We went to the library to
pick up the books I had waiting for me on hold.
When the librarian saw I was one of the first to get a copy
of Hillerman's Sinister Pig she jokingly warned me, "Be
careful as you walk out with this book. People might mug
you to get your copy!" I'm already on page 67.

We also picked up Gavin for a week-end visit. He spent most
of the evening upgrading my computer so now, I'm told, it
goes twice as fast as before. I can't really tell. The
Internet, of course, doesn't go any faster but that's not
the computer, it's the local telephone company, our (only
available) internet provider.