forever changing
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2003-05-17 06:37:04 (UTC)

red in the glow of a candle

well we didn't go to the dance because he couldn't get the
tickets but instead we went to his house and well tessa
went over early adn then when i talked to him he said that
he was goin to try to get a bunch of people together and
well when i got there they told me i had to leave and come
back in ten minutes so i was confused but then when i came
back, (after sitting on his stairs for 5 minutes) i noticed
all the lights were off, so i knocked on the door and tessa
opens it and tells me to close my eyes and when i she let
me open them mike hade a red and black streamer curtain
over his doorway and he had put a red light in there were
red and black baloons all over the floor and he had set up
a bunch of candlesit looked so cool and he told me he did
it all for me and he cleaned out his entire room for this
it was so sweet i was amazed. he is so great i can't
beleive i didn't see it sooner
two weeks and already i am almost completely comfortable
with him. i say almost just because well i am still not
comfortable with my body around ANYONE so yea, but besides
that i am totally comfy with him. all this week has really
sucked and so i have been in a really depressed mood since
hmm well about last sunday and well i got grounded from the
phone on tuesday cause i was talking later than nine and so
i had practically no ability to talk to mike except before
my mom got home and at breaks at work so i was really upset
not to mention all the other crap, so i decided that i
wanted to go over to sierra foothill to see mike. so i
taked to him wednesday and i was afraid and i wasn't goin
to do it adn mike told me to trust him and it would be ok
and i still said no then i was thinking about it and i
decided at ten when i got off work i called him and i told
him i trust him and so ... my mind was made. it was really
fun well after mike showed up it was. kj gave me a ride
over there when he dropped nate off and mike ended up not
getting there when he said he would so i ended up looking
for him wiht will untill first period started then he put
me into a class and told me to just hang out in there and
well guess what they al thought i was a transfer and so i
just played along!!!!!! after about five minutes mike came
in and saved me from the kindergarten gone bad and we just
left and went to his house.we were hanging out there and i
ended up hiding in his bedroom for about an hour while his
mom got ready for work and all that stuff. but it was ok.
we . . . well. . . i am not a virgin anymore. yea adn noone
knows this but mike and is weird to think that i used
to be so afraid to have sex and now after just two weeks
with this guy i have already had sex with him but then i
also remember that this is not just any guy this is mike
and ... i love him and he makes me feel like no one has
ever before.
it was so funny we were wrestling and i was trying to blow
a rasberry on his tummy but it wasn't working cause he
would not let me lift his shirt up. and then he blew a
rasberry on my boob through my shirt and at one point he
had me pinned down and he blew a rasberry on my belly and i
couldn't move! it was so sad but it was also a lot of fun.
i almost didn't get back to the school on time to meet my
mom but then (thank you so much stephan) he gave me a ride
and i got there with twenty minutes to spare.
i really want to get together with him on sunday because i
work tomarrow but my dad wants to go boating on sunday bla!
i don't want to go fucking boating i want to see my
boyfriend!!!!!! and i will make this arguement clear to my
father tomarrow.
well i gtg i will write more when i get the chance
oh yea mike told me what it ment , well at least a rough
poetic translation that he wants to make beter but part of
it said something like, "love is what binds us, it
interwines us" then it says something about coming out of
the atrophy and all this stuff it was so sweet.

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