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2003-05-17 05:22:32 (UTC)

His hairdo update...

I have forgotten that in the beginning of the school year,
(like me,) he had his hair spiked. I didn't see him in the
process from spikey to long since it was winter, and I went
to my locker after 4th putting me out of my way of seeing
him. He spiked it again. This I like. It looks great. I can
admire his look from afar now again.

Also, Karoline came back from College for the summer and
Randy and I helped her move some stuff around. Especially
since her grandma came back from Poland as well. So they
needed to switch around a few matresses. I think her sister
might be staying with her too. So four women in the house.
Good thing we atleast finished off her room, more or less.

Then we went for coffee at Starbucks. It wasn't so good.
Felt kinda nautious afterwards. Atleast Karoline did. I
have a hard stomach for coffee. I think. We did talk about
some things we usually don't talk about though. Like
fashion. Since I told her alot about prom. I can't get it
out of my mind. Mainly because it's so disorganized. It
costs alot, and everything needs to be prepared before
hand. I still don't know should I crash or not. But I
really think that I am gonna take priest guy's son if he
says yes. Unless someone fun will come along. I don't know
Peter at all, and he doesn't go to my school. I don't think
he ever did. He doesn't know anyone and I think would feel
out of place. Besides, it's better if you acutally bring
someone from the school. A senior at best. But let's face
it, sometimes people don't click into the age group their
assigned to.

Other than that, Karoline helped me put on paper a steller
idea for a dress. We're gonna go through some thrift stores
to find a corsette (red and black) cause the new ones are
over 100 dollars. Too much for my budget. My parents are
already asking me how much will it cost. My dad wants me to
rent a dress. I told him yeah, sure, it's more of something
guys would do. Besides, I know it's a good idea
economically, since I'm not likely to wear that dress
anytime soon after that. (Except maybe the corsette and
arm/neck accesories.)
Besides, Karoline has a connection to a tailoress that has
good deals. We were thinking of a red silky dress/skirt
whatever thing under with thin layers of black on top. Same
thing as for the arm things. I've been meaning to make
these arm things myself for quite a while, but haven't
gotten around to it.

At the moment I'm thinking of crashing prom at like 9:30 or
so. Staying till about 12:00. Pherhaps leave a little
sooner. Then go meet up with my buds over on the odyssey
cruise ship, where we would have dinner, CLASSY dancing,
and a firework show. Which would be highly more superb then
prom in a hotel. It's like they want us to have sex right
afterwards, or expect us to be hammered. So the rooms are
right there.

I really hope it would work out that way. If there is going
to be classy dancing, it would be fun, cause all of us,
semi know it. We'd teach each other what we know in a fun
healthy, unshy environment. But not all classy. A few would
be nice though.

I just want a party. And now, I also want to look good.
Hopefully for a cheap price. Have fun with my friends,
maybe I won't see them for quite a while. I want to
remember them like this.

This reminds me, alter egos is going to be going on. I
think I need to get a strap less bra. My part is kinda
scanalas so I'm wearing a halter top. I
gotta get that cheap though. My last one cost me 40 dollars
ar Victorias Secret. I only have a total of 96 dollars for
prom and show stuff. Then again some things my parents are
gonna pay for. But I don't want them to be paying for the
odyssey. If I am going to go anyway. Or, they could pay for
the odyssey, but not the prom, since we would crash.
Perfect, dare I say? Knock on wood it might just work.

Gotta go now. It's past midnight and I'm still gonna watch
some polish t.v. shows that my parents got cause Karoline
being the vampire she is will not wake up before noon. So
I, instead of being bored, or trying to but still lacking
productivity, will be sleeping as well.