SuGaR RuSh
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2003-05-17 04:01:09 (UTC)

we didnt start the fireeee ~ crazymaddness

lordy lordy 2day was crazy...i got screwed w/ my
paycheck...uh..i got my p'zone..mmmm...oh ya ya a/c
i got a 29/30 on my ac quiz..i did the bestest in the class
YAYAYAYA mee i need 2 do good in that class ...hmm jd got a
A on his sr. nav. project yayaya 4 him ... anywho... its
insane.. yesterday, and 2day actually, me n jd were @
caste...yesterday...we were in dollar general where my
friend krysten works...yeah 2day..its n jd
went down to west coast video 2 get a vid 2 watch and we
went back 2 his crib and his a firefighter so we heard the
calls and w/e on his scanner and it was @ caste and they
were like callin all these stations down and they were
takein everyone outta the bowling we thought it
was kinda big... and we watched the movie and w/e and then
i said i wanted 2 go down n c we went down..and
there was about a zillion n 1 fire trucks and cops and ppl
and everything...and we saw sum of jd's friends and we
asked them how bad it was and they said that dollar general
was like gone and like 1/2 of supercuts and GNC were
gone...and me n jd were going 2 go down 2 supercuts 2day
cuz he needed a hair cut..anywho...we walk over and look
and like the dollar store is gone...and i got really
skurred and i was like lookin around 4 krysten and i
couldnt find her so i was like i need 2 call her and i did
and her mom answered and said that she was fine and she was
w/ her brother..whew i woulda died if n e thing happened 2
that gurl...and like we saw like a hell-e-copter and a news
guy and he was next 2 me when he was tellin the ppl on tv
what happened..i was lik and so ya..we went
home..and when we got 2 the gas station up the street from
me there were like 6 cop cars in the parking lot they like
pulled sum kids over and like they were searching them n was insane...yeah its all crazymaddness well im
gunna go..

fuck ya later