*Bubbles and Ducks*
2003-05-17 03:51:22 (UTC)

The Talent Show

Tonight was funfunfun! So anyway, I was sitting at home
watching Dr.Phil at about 4:00 on Friday and all of a
sudden Courtney calls me up "Caitie, you wanna go to the
talent show?!" and I did. I had TRIED to make plans with
two other people, but neither of the plans came through. So
anyway, I go over to her house at 4:30, her parents drive
us there, we had no idea how many people were going to be
there, we only thoguht like maybe at most four others. So
we get there a half an hour early because Courtney got a
heads up that it would sell out. So we get there and at
about 7:00, all of a sudden a TON of other people get
there. In total it was: Me, Courtney, Cathy, Rita, Bridget,
Julie Landsman, Greg Lang ((Greg Lang?!)), Jenell, Lil
Megan, Rachael, Elizabeth ((not Higgins)), Jess Aaron, Kate-
o, and the Mofo ((Melissa Axtell)). I think there were a
few others but I can't remember them.
We saw Wayne ((my soulmate)) rap, he was really good. We
saw Cool ((which should be HOTT)) Joe and The Freedom
Blasters, and Martin Anderson was like in 6 bands, he
really gets around. ALSO, GUESS WHO WAS THERE?! JORGE AND
Jeremiah! ((Jeremiah is Andy York's new codename)). I got
pictures of all of them! ((SIGH)). So we went back to Courtney's
house and hung out. OMG, in the movie The Little Mermaid, there's a
scene where the evil girl kicks the dog at the wedding and right
after that when they see the priest, HE HAS A BONER! OMG, it was so
funny. We had yummy chocolae ice cream. I had it ALL OVER ME!


P.S. Leave me a god damn message SOMEONE...ANYONE!