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2003-05-17 02:52:07 (UTC)


EWAN MCGREGOR! i think this can be classified as a full-
blown ewan obsession now. i admit it, i'm obsessed. so the
movie was basically your predictable chick flic romantic
comedy, although it did have a weird twist at the end.
but...... and i don't wanna ruin it for anyone that'hasn't
seen it....... EWAN SANG AT THE END!! he SANG!!!! i swear
when the credits came on and he and renee did their little
sing/dance number i was like hyperventilating, cause i was
so excited that ewan was singing. it was soo awesome. and
then he sang a song by himself while just the last credits
were rolling, and pam let me stay and listen to him sing
for a few more minutes. haha it was so great pam and i were
laughing the whole entire time, and every so often we would
just be like awwww oh my god thats ewan! right there in
front of me! (cause we were in the second row!) golly
moses, ewan is a talented guy. im so obsessed. really. but
im done now. i had other stuff to say, but ill update
later, this one just has to be an ewan spiel. i think im
gonna go listen to him sing some more..... !!!!! :) :)

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