Journey to Something
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2003-05-17 02:11:08 (UTC)

Friday, May 16, 2003

wow ... it's already the middle of may ... my freshmen
year is just about over ... and it's been an interesting
one to say the least. i've met so many new people, gotten
close to old ones, and grown apart from close ones.

there's so much i wish i could say right now that it's
crazy. thinking back to the old days of childhood, things
like scabbing our knee, breaking our crayons, and sharing
toys seemed like such large problems. now we're faced
with crazy stuff like algebra, friends, sports,
boyfriends, and parents. the little stuff seems so
little. when we were young our parents were there to put
band-aids on our cuts with a kiss, and everything was
alright. now that we're growing up it seems like half the
time we're fighting our parents ... like i could live life
so much better without them and i know for a fact that's
not true and i hate thinking it.

someone just asked me how life is ... after thinking about
it for a second, i can hoesntly say for the very first
time i'm really ENJOYING life. without struggles, there
wouldn't be anything to live for, and right now i'm
chereishing every second i have, because all too soon i'll
be a "grown-up" just like my parents, and putting band-
aids on my own children maybe.

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