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2003-05-17 02:04:35 (UTC)

friday night.

wow. it comes as no frickin surprise that im home again on
a friday. i havent gone out in 4 frodays in a row!!! that
has to be a record for me , no joke. sometimes i wish i
could go back to highschool, and re do it. at least then id
be out more. icant wait till im 21 though. i decided that i
am going to stay single till then , becasue once im bar age
ill probably meet someone. i only have 4 months to go , and
i knwo that it may sound sleazy, like meeting some one at a
bar, but i really dont think it is. i met my ex fiane at a
club, and we were happy. i mean it didnt last, but i highly
doubt that it had anything to do with where we met. we were
together too damn long. and i still miss him o sad lets not
go into that. i still know that i wont be going to ex fest.
i have no more ways to get there, and now leesh isnt
going , and i wont call tom to ask him, cos i think it
would be wayyyy too much fun for my own good. o well i need
to have fun. i need a bottle of so co and a place and 30 of
my oldest and funnest friends from these past 5 years. you
know when i was younger , like 15 and all my friends were
seniors in high school, i couldnt wait to be 18. then when
i was 18 i couldnt wait to be 21, and now that im almost
there i wanna be 16. anywasy i worked akk day today. 7 to 5
with no lunch break. it was alright once 11 rolled around i
was more awake. its so funny. ill get there at like 7 am,
and then 8 rolls around, and im all like " woo hoo, only 9
more hours" and im so serious. time goes by so slow there.
im happy to see the second hand reach that half inch to the
next second. i hope ruben wins american idol. clay however
has a real noce voice. im actually surprised that they have
narrowed it down to these two. to be honset with you i
think they had an ugly looking bunch this season. last
year, kelly was beautiful, so was nikki , and justin well,
he was aight. am i just an american idol freak? no i just
never go out. and the friends fianle has me so sad. now i
have to wait till sept to see what happened with rachel and
joey. that depresses me so much . god. i look forward to a
new episode each week of friends, and thats a highlite of
my week. now its all re runs. i gotta go

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