the writtings on the wall
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2003-05-17 00:16:15 (UTC)


I feel alone. Dinner table, vegetierian dinner, alone. Only
sounds of the fork hitting the porcelin plate. Phone in
hand, no one to call, alone. No friends, there all too
busy, no family, they are all minding their own businesses,

I cannot get a grip of why people can be so oblivious, i
was alone all day. No one cared. They just sat with their
high-class friends, their jack-ass boy obsessions, and pay
no mind to me, the lonley wanderer.

Today i felt liek the world was spinning around me so fast,
in tecni-color, and i was in a class tube- and i couldnt
touch any of it. I kept reaching out, beating on the glass,
fists pounding until they were red, to get out, and be a
part. I wanted it so badly. But no one saw my glass tube. I
was alone. They sat by me, talked to eachother, ran into
me, was i invisible?

Alone. That thing when you feel like no one gives a shit
weather or not your even alive. When you wanan break thru
the glass tube, and indulge your black and whiteness into
the technicolor dreams of the rest of the world, and saw

oh well.. today i am alone.